Virtual CFO

Virtual CFO Services

As the business grows and evolves, your strategic decisions as a business owner have a more significant impact. Our Virtual CFO can provide you with the insights you need from analyzing your finances so that you can make better business decisions. Whether you need a full-time CFO or an interim CFO, our team can help you. Our solutions are best suited for small and medium businesses. We can help you with the following questions:

  • If we continue growing at the current pace, how much our revenue and profit will be in next year?
  • How much cash is my business burning?
  • Why do we have a cash shortage even if we are growing in terms of revenue and profit?
  • Are we getting a good return on the investments we are making?
  • Do we have enough cash to hire employees or buy new equipment for expansion?
  • Should we borrow money from a bank or invest our money into the business?
  • Accessibility

    Because we provide virtual services, you are just a phone call away. You can have a virtual meeting just at a moment’s notice.

  • Insights into the Financials

    When it comes to interpreting financial statements, we are the experts. Our “Insights Reports” cover extensive analysis of the financial statements, trend analysis, comparison with industry standards, forecasting and valuable recommendations from finance professionals to help you make the best strategic decisions.

  • Streamline Accounting and Internal Controls

    Often fast-growing businesses encounters problems with accounting complications. We understand that your business demands your complete attention, and you might not have given enough importance to accounting or record-keeping. We can clear the mess for you and help you design a proper accounting system so that you always have accurate information on your business’s financial condition. We can also help establish a sound internal control system so that you can minimize the risk of fraud and error associated with financial accounting.

  • Executive level assistance

    Our Virtual CFO can help you with everything you would rely on a full-time CFO. Cash flow projections, trend analysis, industry vs company analysis, periodical KPIs and financial reporting analysis can help you make decisions regarding a growth strategy best suited for your business. You do not need to go hunting for a full-time CFO. Save your time and money by investing in our Virtual CFO services and get the highest quality services from our finance professionals.

  • Account Management

    Our team can manage your account payables and account receivables, ensuring that your business does not run out of cash. In addition to account payables and accounts receivables period insights, we can help you with break-even analysis, cash flow projections, and inventory-related ratios analysis so that you can balance the growth of your business and the extent of risk you can take with expansion-related strategies.

  • ‘What-if’ scenario analysis

    Sometimes you are hit with multiple options related to executive strategic decisions. ‘What-if’ scenario analysis can provide insights on possible outcomes with each choice so you can opt for the best possible scenario. Some of the examples of ‘what-if’ scenarios are:

    • Whether to invest in equipment A or equipment B ?
    • Whether to automize the production process or stick with manual labour ?
    • Whether to expand by borrowing from banks or wait to save enough required funds?

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